BBGP 2019



'British Ballet Grand Prix – Supreme Winner 2019'

#314 Olivia Chang Clarke (The Yorkshire Ballet Academy)


'Artistic Award, 2019'

Highlighting the dancer who, in the eyes of the judging panel, performed throughout the competition with a strong artistic quality and intention in both classwork and performance.

#306 Holly Saw (The School of Ballet Theatre UK)

Advanced Category

Gold - Not Awarded

Silver - #322 Luciano Ghidoli (Ballet West Scotland High Performance Lower School)

Bronze - #327 James Garrington (Debonair Dance Academy)


Intermediate Category

Gold - #223 Francesca Lloyd (Tring Park School for the Performing Arts)

Silver - #226 Michaela Fairon (Ballet West Scotland High Performance Lower School)

Bronze - #228 Tenika Rush (Ballet West Scotland High Performance Lower School)


Junior Category

Gold - #109 Sophia Reid-Gantzert (Danceworks Ballet Academy)

Silver - #115 Hazel Maya Lightley (Independent Entry)

Bronze - #110 Karina Hanai (Tazuru Ichiyanagi)


Pas de Deux Category

Gold - #415 Holly Saw & Michael Maple (The School of Ballet Theatre UK)

Silver and Bronze - Not Awarded


Ensemble Category

Gold - #518 ‘Quickening’ (Ballet West Scotland High Performance Lower School)

Silver - #510 ‘Charms’ (New Vision Dance)

Bronze - Not Awarded


Best School Award

Highlighting the school with the highest combined marks across the competition.

Ballet West Scotland High Performance Lower School


Best Choreography

Awarded to the performance with the most creative choreography

Angelique Harris for #320 Contemporary variation ‘Das Nacht’



Partner School and Institution Awards/Prizes


Atlanta Ballet

#327 James Garrington
ummer School

Ballet Theatre UK

#313 Jeanne Dubreuil Mercuzot 

Company Apprenticeship


Elmhurst Ballet School

#223 Francesca Lloyd

Summer School


English National Ballet School

#213 Matthew Humphreys

Spring Course (2020)

The School of Ballet Theatre UK

#314 Olivia Chang Clarke

Summer School

#214 Sophie Mucha

Summer School

Tring Park School for the Performing Arts

#218 Cosmo Sudbury Slight

Summer School


The Dancing Times
Olivia Chang Clarke - Annual Subscription

#322 Luciano Ghidoli - Annual Subscription

#327 James Garrington - Annual Subscription

#223 Francesca Lloyd - Annual Subscription

#226 Michaela Fairon - Annual Subscription

#228 Tenika Rush - Annual Subscription

#109 Sophia Reid-Gantzert - Annual Subscription

#115 Hazel Maya Lightley - Annual Subscription

#110 Karina Hanai - Annual Subscription


Further scholarships and awards from our international partner schools and companies will be posted shortly.